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Explore the diversity of Mexican cuisine at The Bayside Pantry

Mar 8, 2016
Explore the diversity of Mexican cuisine at The Bayside Pantry

The Bayside Pantry celebrates the colour and diversity of Mexican cuisine with its vibrant We Love Mexican Buffet in March 2016. A fusion of indigenous Mesoamerican cooking, European and Spanish elements, Mexican cuisine is a festival of cheesy, spicy, lime, vegetable, and meaty flavours.

Food explorers experience the exciting flavours and combinations of authentic Mexican dishes on the buffet every Wednesday night.

Mexican favourites on the buffet include black bean soup, empanados, cheese and jalapeño quesadillas, escabeche pickled fish, ground beef enchiladas, mexican beef stew and chileancho, lamb birria and pork tacos amongst others.

“Mexican food is diverse and delicious, with a variety of textures and fresh tastes. Herbs and spices that give Mexican food its characteristic flavour are chilies and coriander. However, there are also refreshing notes of lime, lemon and oregano in the mix. Even those who aren’t partial to spicy food will be spoiled for choice,” says Nqobile Majozi, the Marketing Manager at The Boardwalk.

According to Majozi, The Bayside Pantry’s Mexican features various stations where guests are free to explore hot and cold dishes – depending on their taste. Perhaps one of the most exciting is Mexican street food station where there are some tasty treats to try such as Mexican style corn and rice casserole, Mexican fish with cilantro and sliced jalepeno and Mexican chicken liver in a tomillo sauce.

The dessert station features tantilising options like lemon and lime mousse, basil panna cotta, peach enchilada rolls, orange coffee flan and bionico, as well as a selection of homemade ice creams.

The Mexican Buffet is available during March between 18h00 and 22h00 on Wednesdays. The cost is R149 per person. Booking is essential on (041) 507 7793.

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