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EXPRO Protection Services guarantees secure environments for business growth

By Tai Chishakwe - Oct 17, 2016
EXPRO Protection Services guarantees secure environments for business growth

With the crime rate generally increasing in South Africa - hijackings, murders, attempted murder, home invasions and aggravated robbery drastically increased in 2015/16, personal security is no longer a luxury reserved only for diplomats and government higher-ups.

Experts agree that companies with a security risk mitigation plan for their top executives maintain a meaningful edge over rivals. Imagine what the kidnapping, a sudden incapacitation or death of the CEO or a key-person will do to your organisation.

By providing comprehensive specialist safety and security solutions, Port Elizabeth-based EXPRO Protection Services has for many years delivered more than just bodyguards. With unparalleled knowledge of South African conditions, their operatives have worked with several global Blue Chip companies, protected high-value commodities, politicians, royalty, celebrities, tour groups and high-profile executives visiting our shores.

The company was founded by Freddie van Wyk, a former Lieutenant-Colonel in the South African Police Service, who in his 32 years in the service, served in crime intelligence and the SAPS’ detective branch, and was Commander of VIP protection in Port Elizabeth.

Through continual training, EXPRO operatives are considered to be experts in their fields including in close protection, first-person-on-scene medical response, defensive driving, special weapons and tactics as well as logistical support.

Today, the company’s reputation for efficiency has extended internationally where they have provided close protection to prominent world leaders, individuals and staffs working in hostile environments such as in Iraq and Afghanistan – managing their clients’ entire itineraries, from accommodation, health and safety to transportation.

Besides security, EXPRO Protection Services also provides Corporate Intelligence and Investigations. Through preventing stock shrinkage, personnel malpractice, pre-incident security risk assessments, proper staff vetting and other sensitive intelligence gathering, they have enhanced work environments, increased profitability, improved hiring choices and lowered insurance premiums for many businesses.

The company also has the perfect mix of skills and experience required to successfully conduct High Risk Tactical Operations such as hostage extractions, whether in a hostile location or on a vessel out at sea.

After bringing on board Jan Beans, a respected international investigator, EXPRO Protection Services now offers Financial Investigation Training to banks, real estate agents et cetera. Topics covered include anti-money laundering training, financial data gathering and analysis, terror financing prevention, surveillance and profiling as well as in building cases for prosecution.

EXPRO also provides cost-effective, comprehensive consultations that include security as well as health and safety assessments that deliver complete risk overviews to their clients.

For businesses wanting to manage their own security internally, EXPRO has a training center that is fully-accredited with the International Firearm Training Academy as well as BLS Medical, Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSIRA), the Professional Bodyguard Association and SASSETA.

To find out more, visitwww.expro-protection.com andcorporateinvestigations.co.za or call 082 424 3336.