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Facebook profiles: Don’t use your Profile as a Business Page

Facebook profiles: Don’t use your Profile as a Business Page

We see people all over our timelines liking business pages on Facebook – yet there are still some companies who are either unaware of the advantages of having a page, or who think it will be easier to just run it from their personal profiles. This is where they, unfortunately, go wrong with their social media strategies.

Facebook’s number one rule when it comes to business is that you may not use your personal timeline as a business page.

Facebook Page vs Personal Profile for Business

There are many advantages to using a proper Facebook business page; with features you can use that aren’t made available on your profile.

There is no personal information being shared with a business page. Even if you have social media manager, that person may be ill or on leave and you’ll have posts that need to go up. This is why you’ll need more than one page administrator. If you’re working from your personal profile, it means that other colleagues will have access to everything on your Facebook. Switch to using a page where you can have multiple administrators and editors.

The number of Facebook fans has no limit. According to articles we have read, Facebook apparently has a 5000 friend limit for your profile. This limit could work as a disadvantage if you’re using your profile to promote your business. Facebook pages for businesses can have any number of likes, which means you can expand brand awareness over a much larger audience.

You can’t target your market with a personal profile. An amazing feature of Facebook pages is the advertising. You can advertise a particular product or service of yours, or even create an advert that promotes your Facebook page so that you can get more people to see and like it. You can also choose your specific target market, such as countries, gender, age, interests and much more.

Facebook pages have an “Insights” feature. “Insights” does exactly what it says: it gives you insights or analytics as to how your page is performing. They give you the option to choose a date range in order to view the progress of your page likes, your post reach, page visits as well as your page demographics. When you’re aware of who your audience are, it’s much easier to target them with your posts.

If brand awareness, interaction and feedback is what you want for your business, set up a Facebook page for it now and get started. Don’t have the time to manage a social media page? Online Innovations manages social media profiles for a host of different companies. Call us on 041 365 4919.


Picture courtesy of www.thegreenmarketingcompany.com