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#Feesmustfall protests continue at Walter Sisulu despite 0% fee increase promise

OCTOBER 26, 2015
#Feesmustfall protests continue at Walter Sisulu despite 0%  fee increase promise

While President Jacob Zuma's announcement of a 0% university fee hike was expected to return things to normal following the violence witnessed in the #feesmustfall student protests last week, things reportedly did not normalise at Walter Sisulu University on Monday as students barricaded university entrances and chased away lecturers.

The University Community was informed of the arrangements made with WSU SRC Executive Committee on 21 October 2015 for students’ participation in the national student protest," said Thando Cezula, Acting Walter Sisulu University Spokesman.

"The arrangements were made with the understanding that University academic business and all support operations will normally resume on Monday, 26 October 2015.

"Regrettably, these undertakings and arrangements have not been honoured. Incidents of violence, chasing away of staff members and blockading of access to campuses have been perpetuated to create instability across all our campuses."

Cezula said that in the light of this prevailing instability, the University has advised its staff members to remain away from their workstations until further notice.

"The University further urges and appeals to all students to refrain from all these activities that continue to destabilise the operations of the institution.

"The University advocates for free and safe access to all campuses at the institution so the institution can resume with its academic business to avoid any further loss of time," Cezula said.

"It will be unfortunate if the institution is to be forced to a stage of indefinite closure and of postponing and rescheduling of all 2015 final year examinations due to prevailing instability."