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FIGHT CLUB Part 5: Shivambu rebukes Mbete, tells her “You are not my mother”

FIGHT CLUB Part 5: Shivambu rebukes Mbete, tells her “You are not my mother”

A special sitting of the National Assembly into the suspension of the 12 Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MP’s, accused of heckling President Jacob Zuma during his question and answers session on August 21st, resulted in flared tempers after Speaker Baleka Mbeta, came to blows with party Chief Whip Floyd Shivambu.

According to the Times, Mbete lost her cool after Shivambu had referred to her by name, having initially accused her of acting on instructions from Luthuli House. He had earlier indicated that the EFF would disrupt Zuma’s State of the Nation address next year out of protest for the President not answering questions from the opposition.

Having said that the EFF would force Zuma into answering, Mbete, unsatisfied with Shivambu’s tone of voice, said “I am not your peer Floyd. You are an African child, brought up by people I respect, and I am quite sure you are not reflecting the way they brought you up”.

A video clip by eNCA shows a somewhat stunned Shivambu then telling Mbete, “This is a professional relationship, not a mother and child relationship. You are not my mother. I am here as a member of Parliament and so are you. I must reflect and engage you openly and honestly without you raising the issues of culture. We are not dealing with culture but with Parliament”.

In response to the incident, Shivambu later tweeted, “I have no respect for questionable human beings who raise the age issue when confronted with truth. #Zumamustaccount. That's quite simple!”.

Parliament’s Power and Privileges Committee is expected to table the final report into whether the EFF members should be suspended, later today.


CAPTION: Still image showing Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) Chief Whip, Floyd Shivambu, reacting to National Assembley Speaker Baleka Mbete during a special sitting yesterday. IMAGE sourced from eNCA


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