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FIGHT CLUB Part 6: EFF suspended in another heated session

FIGHT CLUB Part 6: EFF suspended in another heated session

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader, Julius Malema, has said that he will pursue legal action after the National Assembly voted in favour of suspending the 12 EFF MP’s, including himself, for heckling President Jacob Zuma during a questions and answers session on August 21st. Zuma has not appeared in Parliament since.

“Tomorrow [Friday] we are taking this to court. The papers are read, we are getting an urgent interdict to stop this,” Malema said, shortly after the ruling African National Congress (ANC) had used its majority to secure a 210 to 111 vote to uphold the EFF’s suspension for 30 days without pay.

“We are going to demand that Zuma pay back the money whether they suspend us or not. The only crime we committed was to ask for the money of the people that was stolen by Jacob Zuma.”

In yet another chaotic session yesterday, EFF members objected to a speech by ANC MP Lemias Mashile, who had chaired the disciplinary hearing committee on whether the party should be suspended for heckling Zuma, with Malema reportedly branding him a lair for saying that it was agreed not to call Speaker Baleka Mbeta to preside over the matter.

Warned by Deputy Speaker Lechesa Tsenoli to respect the rules of the court, Malema remarked, “there is nothing honourable about Mashile”, leading to Tsenoli cutting off the feed to the now rowdy EFF members’ microphones.

“Cutting off microphones is not one of the things you should do,” party Chief Whip Floyd Shivambu reportedly said.

This was followed by Shivambu accusing Tsenoli of not allowing him to move on an amendment with Tsenoli stating, “I have given the honourable member the opportunity to wrap up and it is clear that it is not forthcoming”.

Unsatisfied with Tsenoli’s ruling, Shivambu stood up and asked if it could be put on record that he [Tsenoli] was refusing them an opportunity to table a motion. Tsenoli ignored his question stating he would get back, leading to Malema rising and questioning why the Speaker would not allow Shivambu to speak.

“You have already developed an irritation and an attitude. His says that he wants it on record. You are refusing us”, Malema said. Shivambu’s notion was eventually put down.

Speaking after the session, Malema sided with a pre-session remark made by Shivambu, that “If Jacob Zuma does not come to answer questions between now and the State of the Nation, then he must know he is not going to give that State of the Nation.”


CAPTION: Economic Freedom Fighters Chief Whip, Floyd Shivambu, reacting to Deputy Speaker Lechesa Tsenoli's decision not to allow him with moving an a amendment. IMAGE sourced from eNCA


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