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Film Review: Ghostbusters – Do we wanna call?

Film Review: Ghostbusters – Do we wanna call?

By now, we all know about the new Ghostbusters movie headed for South African cinemas on the 29thof July.

This revival of the 1984 hit movie has many fans sceptic and disappointed about the storyline as well as the cast, but will it be as bad as they believe?

The storyline of this reboot is not far from the original movie except that a once male-led team, now sports an almost all-female cast, and the secretary is played by Marvel’s favourite Hammer-wielding Norse God, Chris Hemsworth.

The story focuses on paranormal researcher, Abby Yates [Melissa McCarthy], and physicist, Erin Gilbert [Kristen Wiig], as they co-write a book suggesting the existence of ghosts are real. The research is considered laughable and Abby is fired from her respective teaching position at a university.

Desperate to prove her theory is right, she then forms the Ghostbusters team with Erin, nuclear engineer, Jillian Holtzmann [Kate McKinnon], and subway worker, Patty Tolan [Leslie Jones].

The new team must then work together in order to save Manhattan from the undead and an evil demon known as Rowan [Neil Casey].

So after reading that one thing comes to mind. This is practically the same scrip from the first movie!

The only real difference that can be construed from this is that the genders of the Ghostbusters team have been switched around (even the secretary), and the special effects promise to outshine the original’s thanks to modern technology. They even have the same creepy slime ghost and giant marshmallow added to the mix.

For those who could tell, the cast is almost entirely made up of the members of Saturday Night Live, and with Melissa McCarthy as the lead this movie is definitely going to promise laughs and inappropriate humour.

Surprisingly, when the movie premiered in America earlier this week the reviews were not as bad as many were expecting. Many were impressed and surprised to hear that it was not a total flop. However, they admitted it paled in comparison to the original. It even earned a 75% rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

So, is this remake worth the watch? It’s hard to say at this point, but from the reviews it’s clear that this movie does a good job standing on its own, and the comedy well-executed.

With all that in mind, would you give these new Ghostbusters a call?