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FINALLY A Yoga Studio to Feel Good About

By Michelle Stanyon - Sep 15, 2014
FINALLY A Yoga Studio to Feel Good About

Feel Good Yoga had its launch and opening high tea, at the beginning of September,  in their studio, nestled in the upstairs loft at Port Elizabeth’ popular Bloomingdales Lifestyle Centre in Walmer.

Feel Good Yoga offers yoga for every”body” 6 days a week with an array of classes for all levels, from advanced to those that have never touched their toes.  Theme and purpose for opening the studio is centred round feeling good about yourself; your surroundings and your life in general. With the use of yoga postures, breathe awareness and positive affirmation meditation, yoga will help you soak up the benefits of weight loss, stress and pain relief, improved memory and so much more.

Kid’s yoga is one of the unique benefits offered. If every child was to do yoga, our world would be filled with stress free, happy adults. ADD/ADHD and other so called behavioural disorders can be removed through yoga. Yoga boosts the immune system, helps with memory and its benefits will ripple into the classroom, sports field and home life.

Feel Good Yoga offers monthly specials and your first trial class is free. All are welcome. No bookings are necessary. Your mat is waiting for you and so is your invitation to feel good.

To fin out more, visit Feel Good Yoga at the Bloomingdales Lifestyle Centre, 145 Main Road, Walmer, PE or email [email protected] or visit www.feelgoodyoga.co.za