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Find your ward councillor with ease

JULY 10, 2015
Find your ward councillor with ease

Many people do not know who their ward councillor is, but it’s actually very easy to find out who represents your ward and how to reach them.

Ward councillors represent their constituents and should be available to help with problems in their area.

The majority of municipalities have a list of councillors for each ward and the party they represent.

Their telephone numbers and e-mail addresses are readily available on municipal websites.

Ward councillor details are also available on the Electoral Commission of SA (IEC’s) website.

IEC Western Cape electoral officer Courtney Sampson said it was very easy for residents to find their ward councillor, either through the IEC or the municipality.

"The IEC has got a link that tells you 'know your ward councillor', so you can enter your information and it will tell you," he explained to News24.

"You can call the municipality to find out from the Speaker’s office [who your ward councillor is], and then you hold the councillor accountable."

Sampson said in every ward there should be a ward committee.

"If you have a functional ward committee, it should meet before every council meeting. The intention is to have a wide spread of involvement from people who live in a ward, that is the intention of the committee," Sampson told News24.

However, sometimes these committees do not function as well as they should.

He said a common problem was that there were sometimes vast distances between the councillors and their constituents.