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Finding you: Discover the benefits of Muay Thai at Bushido Muay Thai Gym

Finding you:  Discover the benefits of Muay Thai at Bushido Muay Thai Gym

Among the top goals that I set for myself at the start of 2015 was that I learn a new skill and improve my mental and physical fitness. With this goal in mind, I found myself at Bushido Muay Thai Gym, which is located at 732 Milkwood Close, Lovemore Park, in Port Elizabeth.

Joining Muay Thai classes was a conscious choice as I also needed a change from the normal gym routine, which could not keep up with my need for tough and fast-paced workouts as well as stress relief. I must say venting my anxieties on punch bags has not only left me feeling fantastic but has worked wonders on my mental and physical health.

My first week was absolutely empowering and stimulating. Under the guidance of a seasoned trainer, Kru Jordan Vevers, who is also the founder of Bushido Muay Thai & Fitness Gym, I learnt the basics like stance, footwork, basic punches, kicks, knees and elbows and the defences to these techniques.

Kru learnt Muay Thai while exploring Thailand and trained at one of the martial art’s most prestigious schools, Fairtex Bangplee Muay Thai training camp, before returning to the Bay.

His fully-equipped gym can take groups of students or anyone wanting a more personal, one-on-one instruction. Not only am I now learning a new art form but I am becoming part of an authentic fighting ethos as well.

Besides self defence, Muay Thai aids in overall strength conditioning, upperbody and  lower body conditioning, core strength and increased hip mobility. Bushido Muay Thai & Fitness Gym also offers comprehensive fight preparation and management for both amateur and professional stand up and striking martial arts athletes.

The funny thing is that I have discovered that Muay Thai is not only about kicking and punching but challenges you to a new understanding of yourself and the world around you – a kind of inner peace out of a seemingly brutal sport!

Train with the best trainers at the Eastern Cape’s top Muay Thai training gym. Ranked by women’s health as number 3 in the country.

Call Bushido Muay Thai Gym on 082 804 7707, visit www.bushidomuaythai.co.za or email [email protected] today.