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Finn Auto Repairs – 10 years of top quality car service in Port Elizabeth

By Graeme Lund - Mar 29, 2019
Finn Auto Repairs – 10 years of top quality car service in Port Elizabeth

Finn Auto Repairs, a 5-Star-graded Motor Industry Workshop Association (MIWA) workshop

Port Elizabeth - Finn Auto Repairs and Diagnostics, located in First Avenue, Walmer, Port Elizabeth, celebrates their tenth anniversary in April. In the past ten years they have developed a reputation as one of the top independent car service workshops in the city. Here’s why.

Finn Auto repairs is privately owned

The company is privately owned by Jack Finn, a highly trained and experienced mechanic, and his wife Bridget. In my experience, long standing, family run businesses offer exceptional service and this has been exactly my experience at Finn Auto repairs.

Jack has worked in the car service business for over 20 years, much of it in the UK where he gained experience in using some of the most sophisticated car service equipment available.

Jack says, “After gaining experience in the UK on newer cars, with advanced equipment and seeing how workshops operate there, I thought I would start a workshop in Port Elizabeth with the knowledge and equipment I acquired.”

Finn Auto Repairs are a Five Star graded MIWA (Motor Industry Workshop Association) workshop, an association of RMI. MIWA workshops offer the correct repair equipment and appropriately trained staff to ensure that work is carried out in a professional and competent manner.

MIWA members are categorised as either accredited or graded workshops - Finn Auto Repairs is a Five Star graded workshop.

Top car service technology

After purchasing a range of modern dealer electronic diagnostic equipment and completing many professional training courses, Finn decided to return to South Africa to a start a workshop, which could offer local drivers the same good and honest service enjoyed by drivers abroad.

We asked Jack the secret to his success and he replied, “We do not stay stagnant. We have always done our outmost to stay ahead with equipment and knowledge as cars have evolved. We improve our workshop technologically, train the right staff and make aesthetical improvements for our employees and our customers.”

Finn Auto Performance Tuning

Jack and Bridget recently opened Finn Auto Performance Tuning, an expansion on Finn Auto Repairs, which focuses on improving fuel efficiency and vehicle performance.

We asked jack if he had any more plans for the future.

“Not for the immediate future. We want Finn Auto Performance Tuning to expand and grow first. However, we are hoping our two and four wheel dyno will be operational in the middle of this year which will assist both the repairs side and the performance tuning side,” says Jack.

Bridget says that they are launching a new website in April to celebrate their ten years of success.

For more information or to book your car for a service, call 041 581 1513 or visit them online at www.finnauto.co.za.

Read more about Finn Auto Repairs here.

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