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First batch of housing title deeds handed over in Missionvale

By Charl Bosch - Jul 20, 2016
First batch of housing title deeds handed over in Missionvale

Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor, and African National Congress (ANC) Mayoral Candidate Danny Jordaan, has said the ruling party would continue on its promise to deliver houses if elected in the August third local government elections.

Addressing supporters and party officials in Missionvale on Tuesday afternoon as part of a housing title deed handover, Jordaan, accompanied by Human Settlements Minister Lindiwe Sisulu, Deputy Minister Zou Kota-Fredericks and the party’s ward candidate Luyolo Nombola, said the municipality has accumulated enough funds for the provision of houses as promised, and that it would work closer with residents to better housing if chosen to lead the Metro for another five years.

“We want to create jobs, strengthen education and create opportunities to live up to the legacy of the man who this Metro is named after. But we can only [do so] if we work together. We are going to take care of you and provide support because we know what poverty,” Jordaan told a packed Missionvale Care Community Centre.

“With these title deeds, we want to restore the fundamental rights of owning land in the country of your birth. We understand what it means when people take your land. You cannot be part of this Metro if you don’t have a house or job”.

With over 70 000 titles expected to be handed out, Jordaan also stated that “no one but the ANC has handed over so many title deeds” before referring to other parties who want to emulate the ruling party as “copycats”.

He also stated that no other party but the ANC deserves to retain control of the Metro after the elections, before taking a swipe at parties seemingly claiming late former President Nelson Mandela as their own.

“How is that possible? When Mandela was president, and they loved him so much, did they vote for him? No. They voted against him… they did not want him to the president. It is the ANC and you who said they want him as president,” Jordaan said.

Speaking to RNEWS after the formal handover of title deeds to the first three beneficiaries, Sisulu said while a backlog is currently being experienced, the department remains on track to hand over 973 “in the shortest possible time”.

“The very nature of giving out a legal document requires very clear steps to be taken. In some cases, we have discovered that the original beneficiary still lives in the house but has since sold it which stalls the process. We however hope that by the time we come to elections, we will have cleared the backlogs in the whole of Port Elizabeth”, she said.


CAPTION: Missionvale resident, George Nell (right), recieves his housig title deed from Nelson Mandela Bay Executive Mayor Danny Jordaan