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First permanent bus shelter completed

OCTOBER 11, 2016
First permanent bus shelter completed

The first permanent bus shelter for the GO GEORGE bus service was completed at the staff entrance to the George Hospital last week. This is the first in a first batch of 30 shelters to be erected in the coming weeks.

Service and civil engineering preparations are ongoing in different areas of town to make provision for the foundations and subsequent construction. The next five shelters should be done by the end of next week, if all goes according to plan. 

Caption: Out-patients as well as staff working at the George Hospital are all very grateful for the neat and durable shelter that has been constructed at the Sports Club bus stop right next to the hospital. Comfortably waiting for the bus after their hospital appointments are, from left, Johnnyboy Manuel from Rosemoor, Gert van Wyk from Parkdene and Elvira Booysen from Pacaltsdorp.