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Five days to Small Business Friday

AUGUST 29, 2016
Five days to Small Business Friday

The National Small Business Chamber (NSBC), with Title Sponsor Nedbank, is gearing up for its 5th Small Business Friday (SBF) this Friday 2 September.The movement is about mobilising all South Africans to support their local small businesses.

 Mike Anderson, CEO and founder of NSBC, says that entrepreneurship is one of the cornerstones of the South African economy and it is thus vital to sustain this sector.

“SBF has gained incredible momentum over the past five years and as a non-profit organisation, we are very proud of our progress. It remains important to keep reminding people to get involved, mobilise the nation and support small business,” says Anderson.

SBF is South Africa’s biggest small business day of the year and Anderson says that the NSBC and Nedbank are anticipating nationwide support for this special movement.

 “It’s a one-day high action drive on the first Friday of Spring every year, to celebrate and recognise the importance of the small business community. We really want people to ‘Go BIG’ by supporting small business.”

He says that by simply supporting a small business the community can help small businesses grow, employ more, reduce unemployment and nurture the country’s entrepreneurial spirit:

“There is also an opportunity to pledge your support on the www.smallbusinessfriday.co.za site.”

The NSBC is excited to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the SBF movement.  Anderson says that there is wonderful irony in the number five as it is the most dynamic and energetic of all the single-digit numbers:

“Number five is always in motion and constantly in need of change, just like our industry. We are hopeful that together with Nedbank and the community, SBF will bring about positive change and growth for all small businesses and that entrepreneurship will prosper.”

As a bank for small business, Nedbank is particularly pleased to partner with NSBC in celebrating five years of Small Business Friday.

 “We want to get into the hearts, minds and wallets of consumers and large businesses to support their local small businesses in their communities,”

Small Business Friday™ continues to gain momentum and raise awareness of the important role small businesses play in the South African economy and in creating a vibrant society,” says Tracy Afonso, Nedbank Head of Strategy, Professional Banking and Small Business Banking.

5 ways to support a small business: 

1.    Looking for a new spring wardrobe? – We have many great designers, choose a local clothing brand to complete your look – there are many brands available in local stores, pop-up shops and online.

2.    Spring has sprung! If you want to fill your house with flowers or treat a loved one – stop and shop at your local florist or even a roadside stall.

3.    Fancy a snack or weekend treat – Mom and Pop shops have not died out yet, look for one in your local area and treat yourself to their many goodies.

4.    Spring cleaning or DIY fever hitting you? Support your local hardware store; they are many well located stores with knowledgeable staff to assist you with your project.

5.    Having a spring party – consider local bakeries, home industries and caterers, their produce is always fresh and tasty!

 For more information, visit www.smallbusinessfriday.co.za.