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Five hacks to make your next business trip better than the last

By Naija writers coach - Aug 25, 2017
Five hacks to make your next business trip better than the last

If you are a frequent business traveller, you have certainly experienced many of the frustrations that such travel involves - delayed flights, lost baggage, less than wonderful accommodations, Wi-Fi connection problems, etc.
There are some proactive steps that you can take, however, to mitigate some of the inconveniences. Incorporate these six travel hacks and make your business travel far more pleasant. 

Get a pre-approval customs status 

Going through security is a hassle. It doesn’t have to be. Get on the TSA website and apply for permanent pre-approval status. It costs $85 for five years. They will run a background check and then give you that permanent status. Short lines, no taking off your shoes anymore – nice! 

Alternatively, apply for the Global Entry programme available at selected US airports. If you are approved, you can enjoy the expedited customs and skip the long lines. 

Don’t check a bag 

Become a smart packer. If you will need a suit for business meetings, wear it on the plane. It can be cleaned and pressed daily if need be. Pack the extra shirts and business attire in the dry cleaner plastic bags. This will help you minimise the wrinkles. When you arrive at your hotel, you can 'iron' them by hanging them in the bathroom while you are having a hot shower or ask the staff to steam press them for you. 

Getting everything in that carry-on will speed up your departure from every airport in the world with all of your possessions intact as lost baggage can become an absolute nightmare. 

Track your rewards points 

There are a large number of apps that will allow you to keep track of your rewards points. Use them. And research those airlines and credit card companies that have point partnerships, so that you can combine rewards points from two or more airlines or credit cards. Your “elite” status can give you loads of perks including access to private lounges, fast-track boarding, additional free luggage and other upgrades. 

Add some stress-free time 

Long business meetings or sitting in conference halls/workshop rooms can result in contracts, agreements, and solid educational/professional development. But it is, in the end, all business-related. If you are tied up for long days on a business trip, and you are on a piece of the planet that has exciting and famous landmarks, activities, etc., add a day to your trip to decompress with more “touristy” activity. The only additional expense will be another night in a hotel and your meals/fees. This extra day can provide great memories. 

Mind the details 

There are several proactive steps you can take to eliminate issues, both large and small:
  1. Photograph your passport, ID, and your itinerary. Email them to yourself. 

  2. Charge all devices upfront – this should get you to your hotel where recharging is possible. 

  3. Take anti-bacterial wipes and use them often. Getting sick on a business trip can be disastrous. 

  4. Locate airport lounges in advance. If you have a long layover or a delayed flight, you might as well be comfortable.
Whether you enjoy or tend to dread lots of business travel, there is no reason to put up with inconveniences and frustrations when you don’t have to. These hacks should help.