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Five nifty products that will help you increase your workplace safety

By Naija writers coach - Dec 14, 2017
Five nifty products that will help you increase your workplace safety

Creating a safe working environment should be the topmost priority of every organisation. This way, the safety of the employees, visitors, clients, consultants, inspectors and the likes can be guaranteed.

Considering the fact that thousands of workers died on their job each year – plus several other unreported injuries that occur but could have been prevented had proper safety measures been put into place – it becomes a necessary measure to increase workplace safety so as to avoid running short of employees or clients.

A wounded employee will need some time to recover – if you’re not sued, while a wounded client might not be that encouraged to patronise you again. Worse still, they could spread the bad news of the incident to others. 

It is true that every business has its own unique safety requirements, like a laboratory would need a wide range of personal protective equipment, while a retail store would need something less.

However, the following products can be used in every industry, be it a construction company or a retail store.

1. Smoke detectors and fire alarms

A fire outbreak could be very devastating, and most times, it doesn't only claim properties but lives also. It's one of the worst things that could ever happen to a company.

However, with the ever advancing technology, it's now easier to alert people of a fire outbreak in an organisation just in time, giving them enough time to evacuate the building safely.

The installation of smoke detectors and fire alarms at the workplace will save lots of lives in case of any eventuality, and therefore increases the safety of the organisation.

However, after installation, don't just ignore it, have it maintained periodically to ensure it's still in good condition.

2. Fire extinguisher

It should honestly be a crime to not have a fire extinguisher in your company. It's nearly as essential to your business as expanding your customer base.

To increase your workplace safety, ensure that all the employees are well trained on the use of fire extinguishers because it's plain useless to have loads of them with no single knowledge of their usage.

Asides from the training, have an expert maintain them from time to time to ensure they're fully functional for when the need arises.

3. Safety signage

One of the most common safety supplies you’ll see around is the safety signage. They are put at the necessary areas in the workplace to remind your employees of the risks involved in their designated duties and help them to be more careful as they apply with the regulations.

Ranging from a high voltage safety sign, forklift sign and even the exit sign, each and every single one of them is important to improving safety in any organisation.

4. Floor safety tape

There are some hazardous areas in a workplace where dangerous machines are kept, dangerous chemicals are used and even electrical hazards are present.

With a floor marking tape, you'll be able to mark such areas out of bounds in order to keep people in the safety zone.

5. Tool foam

What is as annoying and frustrating as struggling for what seems like hours to find a misplaced tool? It is getting wounded by a misplaced tool – that is more frustrating.

What a tool foam does for you is help you keep your tools organized and secure. No loss; no someone stepping or sitting (ouch!) on a misplaced tool by accident.

It's almost inevitable for employees to leave their tools lying around after use, especially if they're trying to get a job done in time. But when the toolbox is right before them, with the space for the tools in use carefully cut out in the box’s tool foam, their chances of misplacing a tool gets reduced drastically.

Safety in a workplace shouldn't be handled in a lackadaisical manner as the progress of every organisation depends on the contribution of every employee. For this alone, you cannot afford having them falling into one accident or another every other week.

With the use of the safety products above, you are guaranteed of a boost in the safety level of your workplace. Everybody remains safe and happy – and productive.