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Five 'robbers' die in crash fleeing from police

AUGUST 8, 2015
Five 'robbers' die in crash fleeing from police

Five suspected house robbers were killed when they crashed into a tree while trying to get away from police on Friday night, a paramedic said.

Paul Herbst of IPSS Medical said they were believed to have committed a house robbery in Tongaat and were driving so fast when the police were coming after them that they crashed along the Watson Highway near Crawford College.

Three people were declared dead inside the Toyota Avanza, and another man who had been flung out of the car was also declared dead.

A fifth person was in a critical condition and died later.

''All five died,'' said Herbst.

Netcare911 paramedics were also on the scene and, according to spokesperson Chris Botha, ''it was absolute carnage''.