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Five ways to well-being

By Supplied - Feb 24, 2015
Five ways to well-being

Hey there Boot Campers!

Recent research conducted identified 5 effective ways of maintaining or improving emotional well-being.  What could you do more of to improve your happiness?   


Feeling close to and being valued by others is a basic human need.  Having at least four close, rewarding relationships promotes emotional well-being.  Having a larger number of more casual relationships builds connectedness within the broader community.  Therefore you should be bringing ALL your family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances to Boot Camp!

Be Active:

People who are physically active are less likely to experience anxiety and depression.  Being physically active helps build self-confidence and our sense of mastery.  Come join us at Boot Camp for FUN and interactive workouts – keep the “old” friends, and make NEW ones!

Take Notice:

Self-awareness is the key to making choices based on what is really important to us, and to maintaining good relationships with others.  Appreciating a beautiful sunrise or the laughter of a small child generates more positive emotions to counterbalance the negative.  We have plenty of laughter AND sunshine and sunrises at Boot Camp… Why don’t you come and have a look?

Keep Learning:

Life-long learning builds self-confidence and social networks.  Learning helps keep your mind active and sharp.  Stretch and challenge your mind - remember that you grow old when you stop learning!  Why not subscribe to our FREE Wellness Program and then embark on a journey of lifelong learning and discovery?


Helping others, volunteering, and working in groups are associated with an increased sense of self-worth and positive feelings like happiness and life satisfaction.  Giving has a greater impact on well-being than receiving.  At Boot Camp we support and volunteer for plenty of charity organisations, we believe in giving back – join us on one of our charity drives or suggest one that the rest of us can participate in!

If you haven’t joined us yet, why not claim your 5 FREE sessions and SEE and FEEL for yourself what fun being active and healthy can be???


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