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Flood warning for certain Parts of SA

By Natali Iverson - Dec 27, 2014
Flood warning for certain Parts of SA

The South African Weather Service has warned that there will be strong weather conditions in certain parts of South Africa.

They have said that there may be heavy rains which may lead to flooding within Gauteng, Limpopo, and the eastern parts of the North West, Free State, the extreme northern and western parts of Mpumalanga and the eastern parts of the Eastern Cape.

The report has also said that there will be an intense tropical low pressure system, which is expected in the Botswana. This will result in tropical moisture over the eastern and northern parts of South Africa.

This is expected to start on Saturday and will end on Monday.

"People are advised that heavy rain and flooding can be expected,” the report said.

Tshwane emergency services have said that residents in Gauteng and Mpumalanga should prepare for heavy thunderstorm and possible hail during the course of the weekend.


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