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Flower season at West Coast National Park promises a landslide of colour

Aug 31, 2017
Flower season at West Coast National Park promises a landslide of colour

Did you know that it’s currently the annual West Coast Flower Season and landscapes of extraordinary colour await visitors to the coastal park amongst many other natural wonders and hidden gems in the park? Despite lower than expected winter rainfall, another spectacular season is currently underway including a variety of flowers blooming, creating a robust spectrum of colour across the park and a picturesque backdrop along the western coastline.

West Coast National Park boasts an annual flower season during the months of August and September. Flowers will be at their best during the next 10 days.While the rest of the Park is open all year round - visitors flock in their numbers to the Postberg Section of the park which serves as a highlight on your visit especially because this section of the park is only open to the public during these two months of the year.

Fields of brightly coloured flowers create the most spectacular views for a stroll while basking in the ambience of nature’s uninterrupted beauty. But the Postberg Section is not the only site which boasts flowers – the whole park is a nature-lovers dream, with vast areas to explore and a wide array of activities to indulge in.

The West Coast National Park and surrounds offer much to do. Various hiking, biking and birding trails depart from Duinepos. The Langebaan lagoon is also a water sport paradise and the park is also ideal for flower reviews in August and September in the Postberg area and the rest of the park.

Here are a few extra tips to make the most of this flower season:

  • Head to the park early in the morning – especially if you’re visiting on a weekend.
  • Make use of both the R27 and Langebaan gates but be prepared for a long queue on weekends and public holidays – these are the busiest times. The park has put extra measures in place to try and alleviate as much congestion at the gates as possible.
  • We have self-drive Flower Tours for you – decide which one to do and explore the entire national park not just the Postberg Section (route maps will be given to you on entering the park).
  • Spectacular flowers can also be seen at the Seeberg lookout point and throughout the whole park.
  • Remember that Geelbek Restaurant is the only refreshment station in the park where food and drinks are sold.
  • Bring your mountain bike and cycle up to Mooimaak – the views from here (although no vehicles are permitted) rival that of Postberg.

For further information about flower season, visit our website at www.sanparks.org/parks/west_coast or call us on 022 772-2144/5.