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FMI brings new Critical Illness Cover plan to Port Elizabeth

FMI brings new Critical Illness Cover plan to Port Elizabeth

Financial Management International (FMI), a national income protection company, on Wednesday, launched their new and uniquely innovative Critical Illness (CI) cover plan at Savage Fine Foods in Port Elizabeth. This was the last stop on their national roadshow to spread the news all over South Africa.

According to the company, the FMI CI Cover is the first Critical Illness product in the market to offer a combination of income and lump sum benefits, plus practical assistance and an expert medical second opinion. 

The new cover plan focuses on six main needs that could help those suffering from Critical Illnesses and struggling to get by;

  1. A Second Opinion, to be sure that the diagnosis is correct and that the best treatment plan for you is assured.
  2. Cover for Medical Expenses that are associated with your diagnosis and treatment that your medical aid cannot cover
  3. A monthly income, so that you don’t need to worry about taking time off work when you feel you need it.
  4. Cover for extra monthly costs that go hand in hand with adjusting your lifestyle for a serious illness.
  5. Counsellingfor you and your family members to help them cope with any trauma or stress.
  6. Logistical and Household support to help with the daily responsibilities that do not go away.


With these needs in mind FMI has crafted a solution with their CI cover that provides four benefits for their clients, the first two can be chosen, whereas the last two are automatically included;

  1. Critical Illness Lump Sum benefit, with a Hospitalisation Expense Benefit, improved quality of caner cover, early pay-outs based on diagnosis and a Hospitalisation Death benefit to reduce the impact of the survival period.
  2. Critical Illness Income benefit, when combined with FMI’s temporary income protection benefits will pay 130% of your monthly sum insured for 12 months for all SCIDEP conditions and any major CI events.
  3. Medical Second Opinion, the first of its kind in the South African Market, FMI has partnered with Mediguide to bring this service at no extra charge. This includes an independent review of your diagnosis and treatment plan from a choice of leading medical centres around the world to give you peace of mind knowing that you have all the necessary information about your condition before making any critical decisions.
  4. CI Assist, a suite of benefits to the value of R50 000 to help you and your family with the day-to-day stress and emotional turmoil of coping with a critical illness.

“We believe there’s a better way to do life insurance, and that’s really what this launch means,” said FMI CEO, Brad Toerien, at the launch.

“You can now get a complete life insurance solution from us,” said Brad.

FMI have recently been bought by Bidvest. For more information about the FMI CI cover and further details please visit www.fmi.co.za.  

Image: FMI CEO Brad Toerien.