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FMI Insurance’s ‘Gus The Bus’ rolls into town

May 22, 2017
FMI Insurance’s ‘Gus The Bus’ rolls into town

A fun and heartwarming sight of a branded vintage VW bus was seen making its way into the Eastern Cape on the 20th of May 2017. The bus, fondly referred to as 'Gus the Bus', is FMI Insurance’s newest staff member.

Gus is now officially in the Eastern Cape to meet some of the inspiring people who are at the core of their #21Lives Campaign.

“This year marks our 21st birthday at FMI, so in celebrating turning 21, FMI staff teams are travelling around SA with “Gus The Bus” to capture 21 mini-documentaries of incredible people who have gone on to do amazing things while we’ve partnered with them during tough times of injury or illness," explained Grace Winter, FMI’s Marketing Manager.

"Our core belief at FMI is that everybody’s greatest asset is their ability to earn an income, and that the most important job of any life insurance benefit is to protect you and your family from the risk of losing that income – whether it’s a temporary injury, illness, permanent, or even in the case of a death."

She said that the #21lives campaign focuses on identifying and bringing to light the stories of these remarkable people, who have despite all odds, continue to reach their dreams and fulfill their plans and ambitions.

"We are passionate about protecting people’s lives and future dreams, as even a temporary illness or accident can seriously de-rail people’s lives.” 

The #21Lives teams will be moving on from their journey in the Eastern Cape to the final stage of their journey in KZN in the coming week to meet with and capture the final stories that make up the 21 remarkable claims stories of real people whose lives are a true inspiration.

To follow Gus The Bus on his road to meet the #21Lives individuals, make sure you follow FMI on Facebook and use the hashtag of #21Lives to join the conversation.