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FNB launches Zimbabwe and Mozambique Money Transfers on its Banking App

SEPTEMBER 22, 2014
FNB launches Zimbabwe and Mozambique Money Transfers on its Banking App

Johannesburg –The latest version of the FNB Banking App for smartphones now offers customers the ability to send money across the border from South Africa to Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Since its launch three years ago, the banking App has seen rapid uptake in users and transactions, making the introduction of the cross-border money transfer service on the App an important next step.

FNB’s Zimbabwe Money Transfer service was first launched on Cellphone Banking in April 2013 to enable qualifying FNB customers in South Africa to send money to residents in Zimbabwe. The capability to send money to Zimbabwe through Online Banking followed in November 2013 and the Mozambique money transfer on both of these platforms was launched in June 2014.

“The rollout of our services on the FNB Banking App has always been driven by customer demand,” says Giuseppe Virgillito,Head of Banking App, FNB Mobile and Connect.

“The Money Transfer service is an important addition to the FNB Banking App as there is a growing need for ease of payments between countries and with an increase in affordable smartphones, more customers will be using App banking for all their banking needs.”

To use the Money Transfer service, smartphone users simply have to download the FNB Banking App or upgrade their current version of the app from the appropriate app store, depending on the operating system of their phone.

For customers who do not have a smartphone, the service continues to be available via FNB Cellphone Banking and FNB Online Banking. Recipients do not need to be preregistered but must hold an identity document of the country where they are receiving the funds. Money can be collected at selected OK Ltd stores throughout Zimbabwe or at one of the 15 FNB branches in Mozambique.

 “The value that FNB’s Money Transfer service adds to our customers’ lives is evident. Being able to send money instantly from your phone, desk or smart device makes this a truly convenient and affordable way to send money home in an emergency, as the sender does not need to take time off work or travel to a branch or agency,” says Leonora van der Plas, Head of Cross-border Remittances at FNB.

“We have every intention of continually enhancing FNB’s cross-border remittance service functionality on the FNB Banking App as it affords customers a convenient and improved banking experience,” concludes van der Plas.


Location of Stores for money collection in Zimbabwe


Location of FNB branches for money collection in Mozambique


*Steps for FNB Money Transfer from the FNB Banking App

In order to use the service, qualifying senders must have an FNB account and be registered for inContact. Senders can send up to R3 000 a day, and a maximum of R10 000 a month to Zimbabwe or Mozambique.

  1. Log onto The FNB Banking App  and enter your password
  2. Select More
  3. Select Send Money to Zimbabwe or Mozambique
  4. Read the information and select Continue
  5. Select From account
  6. Enter Amount
  7. Enter Recipient Cell number
  8. Enter Recipient’s Zimbabwean ID number, or a self-select transfer code if sending to Mozambique
  9. Select Send
  10. Agree to the Terms of Use
  11. If sending to Mozambique, accept the quote
  12. Confirm
  13. Finish

On conclusion, an SMS containing the voucher details is sent to the sender who can forward this to the recipient to enable collection at selected OK Stores in Zimbabwe or at one of the 15 FNB branches in Mozambique, within 14 days. Once the money is collected, the sender will receive an SMS notification. If not collected within 14 days the money is reversed into the Sender’s account.