Ricochet News


Jun 23, 2018

FNB has partnered with I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR to continue its direct engagement with aspiring entrepreneurs through entrepreneurial summits that are being hosted in select provinces across the country.

“The I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR platform seeks to galvanise and promote entrepreneurship by enabling access to information to unlock business growth. Far too many aspiring entrepreneurs believe that all they really need is funding but the truth is, it’s far more than that. You need skills in marketing, sales, finance and so much more. You need the network and those people willing to support you in all you do. That is why we’re here,” says Andile Khumalo, founder of I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR and Chief Investment Officer of MSG Afrika.

Jesse Weinberg, Head of the SME Customer Segment at FNB Business says, “We are continuously looking for effective ways to not only better serve entrepreneurs in South Africa, but also to direct our resources and expertise to enable the growth of SME’s. We strongly believe that collaboration with platforms such as I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR could help stimulate the growth and sustainability of SME’s in South Africa, which is key to economic growth and job creation in our country.”

The Global Entrepreneurs Monitor estimates that 44% of small businesses fail due to a lack of access to markets while funding only contributes 29%. This understanding drives the need to have an in-depth conversation that looks to talk to the sum of problems that plague entrepreneurs, so that when solutions are created, they talk directly to the difficulties of the day.

The 2018 I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR summits recently started in Johannesburg. The upcoming summit will take place in Durban on the 23rd of June. This will be followed by a summit in East London on 18 August and conclude in Cape Town on 13 October. 

“We are constantly engaging entrepreneurs and their local communities to better our understanding of their needs and provide them with support at the same time, the I AM AN ENTREPRENEUR partnership is a good example of that. It is through these engagements that we hope to impact not only on the growth of many SME’s, but to go a step further and introduce a number of products that are suited to the varying needs of our country’s entrepreneurs. Starting and running a business is a complex journey, we are committed and strive to be the bank that will help entrepreneurs navigate it each step of the way” concludes Weinberg.  

For more information visit: https://iamanentrepreneur.co.za/