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Foetus found eaten by dogs, Veeplaas residents shaken and angry

By Afikile Lugunya - Nov 4, 2017
Foetus found eaten by dogs, Veeplaas residents shaken and angry

Veeplaas residents, in Port Elizabeth, said that they had been left angry and shaken after a discarded human foetus was found on Friday in a nearby veld. The foetus, which was at an advanced stage of development and determined to be male, had its limbs missing after it was found by dogs.

Local residents, who spoke to RNEWS said that they suspected that the foetus was from a an illegal and someone had tried to conceal the act by dumping the foetus among black refuse bags. However, scavanging dogs found it.

Police spokesperson, Captain Andre Beetge, confirmed the finding and explained that this was not a yet baby, but a foetus.

Eye-witness, Ncediswa Mafiya, agreed and said that the body found barely looked humanly.

“The remaining parts of the corpse were his legs and his stomach. His head was badly eaten by dogs and he didn’t look humanly anymore, but we saw that he was a boy from his remaining lower body,” Mafiya described.

Mafiya, who is also a mother to a toddler, said that she was shocked that dogs can eat human flesh.

“This incident really shocked me because I never thought that it was possible for dogs to eat a human being and I’m really worried about the mother even though she didn’t want the child.”

Another local resident, Wonga Black, was very angry as he said that he recently lost his child.

“I’m really hurt by this because, I recently lost a child if she didn’t want the child wish she had given me the child I would have raised him.

“Mothers must stop doing this. If they don’t want their children then they must give them to us and we will see what to do with them since they don’t know,” Black said.

Another resident from the area, Ntombizodwa Bhadela, was barely able to speak and the pain was written to her eyes when she spoke about this incident.

“I recently lost my three-months old child that loved so dearly and then we hear that someone did this to their child - it is very unbearable. If a person feels that it is too much to raise a child then they should just give the child to people that will take care of him or her because they don’t want the child,” she said.

Bhadela said that she didn’t even visit the scene because of the pain she is still feeling of losing her own child.

Ward 30 Councillor, Mbulelo Gidane, said that he was awakened at 6:00am by community members and he is the one that called the police.

“What happened this morning was not the first incident. I think this is the second incident within the past two months.

“We are calling all residents, who might know something about the mother to come forward so that we can help her because she is in a health risk where ever she is,” Gidane said.

Captain Beetge also appealed to the community of Veeplaas to help in identifying the mother.

“SAPS are making an appeal to surrounding areas to assist the  police in identifying of the mother, and any person with information to contact Detective Captain Hendrik Swart,” Beetge said.

Captain Beetge also said that they are still waiting for an autopsy to be done that will identify the age of the foetus.