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Food to Your Door, the best food delivery service in Port Elizabeth

By Liesl Silverman - Nov 6, 2018
Food to Your Door, the best food delivery service in Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth local, Gavin Allchurch, had the idea of opening a food delivery service in Port Elizabeth after working for a large food distributor in 2007 and realising that they weren't well equipped to offer a personal "to your door" service direct to the consumer.

He started this business from scratch in 2012 under the name ‘Chicken to Your Door’ and has recently re-branded to become ‘Food to Your Door’.

‘Food to your Door’ takes the stress out of the boring routine of rushing to the shops and standing in long queues.

‘Food to your Door’ delivers amazing , healthy food direct to your work or home, so there is no need to sit at work and stress about rushing to the grocery store in peak traffic.

You can order almost anything from frozen foods to fresh meat to dairy to healthy cooked meals and snacks. It also has great deals and is real value for your money.

Customers can order online by visitingwww.foodtoyourdoor.co.za

The delivery service also offers fast and efficient service to restaurants and guesthouses, Monday to Friday 10am to 7pm.

Gavin comes from a business background in Sales Management & Supply Chain Management.

“I spent four years with a large national wholesale food distributor, as a Sales Rep, Sales Manager & Trading Manager. Thereafter I spent three years with a Business Process Consultancy- focusing on customizing and developing strategic business process solutions for enterprise level FMCG corporates” Gavin told Business Link.
When Business link asked Gavin what makes food to your door stand out from other delivery companies in Port Elizabeth, he said, “We provide a fantastic alternative to the grocery shop and we offer exceptional delivery and good quality food. We make very few mistakes per 1000 deliveries and communication with our customers is our top priority, to ensure that the correct order always arrives at their door”.

‘Food to your Door’ has received such incredible feedback that Gavin has now opened a branch in Gauteng and another location will be opening soon.

“We would like to expand further and provide our fantastic food and meals all over South Africa” said Gavin.

“I love my business because each day it changes people’s lives. We have many customers with disabilities, who are housebound and are physically unable to go shopping at grocery stores. We offer an incredible service by delivering food to them”.

“I love my job because every day brings new opportunities to make someone’s day easier and more convenient”.

“Providing solutions for our amazing customers has enabled us to grow over the years. I have also just bought a new building, so there will be expansion and more options on the menu very soon”.

For food deliveries call Gavin on: 078 803 2330 or visit: www.foodtoyourdoor.co.za