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FOODIE HEAVEN: An enjoyable, relaxed and delicious lunch at Cobblestone Bistro & Bakery

FOODIE HEAVEN: An enjoyable, relaxed and delicious lunch at Cobblestone Bistro & Bakery

Having been a regular patron of Cobblestone Bistro & Bakery, situated in 6th Avenue, Walmer, I was, during a recent lunch meeting with my boss, pleasantly surprised by the changes at this delightful eatery.

Since being taken over by Clarence and his family at the end of 2012, this fine establishment has seen some important developments including a few new additions to their menu as well as a newly-acquired liquor licence.

Browsing through the aforementioned menu, I picked up new dishes that include a full selection of Tramazzini’s, slow-cooked oxtail served with a side dish of rice and vegetables, pan-fried pork fillet wrapped in bacon and smothered in a pepper sauce, both of which can be paired by a complimentary glass of Nederburg wine.

Since it was a work lunch, I enjoyed Cobblestone’s fresh mango juice – which I believe no one in the Bay has managed to top.

Our friendly waiter gave us a few minutes to decide on our meals and I eventually opted for the stuffed butternut with a savoury mince filling – there is also a choice of spinach and feta filling. My boss decided on their large Parma ham pizza with caramelised onions and rocket.

After a short wait, our small talk was pleasantly interrupted by the arrival of our piping hot and aromatic meals. My boss’ pizza was generous and well-presented and my stuffed butternut was filled to the brim with mince and smothered in cheese that had been melted under the grill. My butternut was served with a crispy side salad of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, feta and olives.

Silence set over the table as we both savoured every mouthful. I thoroughly enjoyed my meal and my boss gave his pizza the thumbs up too. Surprisingly, our entire bill came to only R180.00 including the tip and refreshments.

I can highly recommend Cobblestone Bistro & Bakery, not only for their hearty breakfasts and lunches, but for laid-back dinners as well. The bakery also offers a choice of fresh artisan breads and dessert take-aways that I will be trying soon.

Cobblestone is also available for private functions such as business functions, birthdays, bachelorette parties, baby showers and anniversaries and can seat up to 70 people. Safe and secure parking around the shop means you and your guests can enjoy your functions with total peace of mind.

Being a regular at Cobblestone, I can assure you that you will always be met with a smile and friendly service! For more information, you can call 041 581 0182.