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Footwear: getting more children into classrooms

AUGUST 10, 2016
Footwear: getting more children into classrooms

BBF Safety Group, the largest manufacturer of Safety Footwear in Africa, is fortunate enough to be in a position where they are able to donate footwear with small aesthetic defaults that they do not sell into the market. And what cause then to children who will be able to return to school to attain their right to an education.

 “Shoes make a lot more of a difference than we think,” remarks Silvana Lennox, BBF Safety Group Key Account Manager, who spearheaded the latest donation to the Thornhill community. “When unemployment is rife, the cost of school shoes is the difference between a family feeding itself for a week or a child going without footwear.” 

Education is a central socio-economic right that provides the foundation for life-long learning and economic opportunities. Children have a right to basic education, and ‘simply’ to be able to wear shoes and walk to school, is vital in getting them into classrooms. 

Children without shoes are susceptible to infections and diseases through cuts in their bare feet that are caused through the terrain they walk on and sharp objects that are hidden within it and this too can result in time off school. The emotional impact for children without shoes is significant. “They lack self-esteem and confidence,” adds Lennox. “Being without shoes is a source of bullying and harassment, which culminates in poor performance at school.

As part of its corporate social investment and socio-economic development projects, BBF Safety Group donates thousands of pairs of safety footwear per annum to worthy causes within the communities from their range of eight footwear brands. 

Caption: Children wearing their new shoes in a community outreach programme by the Animal Anti-Cruelty League which looked to BBF Safety Group for assistance this month.