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FOR MEAT LOVERS: Enjoy prime quality beef, lamb, pork and pies at 2 Fat Butchers

FOR MEAT LOVERS: Enjoy prime quality beef, lamb, pork and pies at 2 Fat Butchers

Are the 2 Fat Butchers, situated along 6th Avenue in Walmer, Port Elizabeth, the best butcher shop in the Eastern Cape? It is a bold recommendation, but I am yet to find anyone who can match them for quality, presentation and variety. The 2 Fat Butchers serve gourmet, traditionally-prepared meats like no other meat supplier around.

Simply put, local connoisseurs do not have to leave the Bay to indulge in the best traditional Leicestershire Pork Pies; gourmet sausages - including Lincolnshire, Cumberland and Beef and Guinness; the finest free-range chickens, farm-reared pork, Karoo lamb and extra-matured Botswana Beef. The 2 Fat Butchers also make, quite possibly, the finest dry-cured bacon in South Africa.

All their meats and pies are prepared using the finest fresh ingredients. I learnt from Andrew Broughton, who owns the shop with his brother, Craig, that none of their products contain any additives, preservatives or animals other than what they say they are.

Besides coming up with their own unique recipes, the 2 Fat Butchers only source their meats from local farmers who share their exacting standards for quality and freshness – ensuring you only enjoy quality in your kitchen. Unlike at the big supermarket chains, the 2 Fat Butchers can also ‘custom-prepare’ your meats to suit your palate or occasion – to some that could be an indulgence, but I found the 2 Fat Butchers’ prices reasonable.

Keen to taste some of their offerings, my boss and I bought several pies and sausages for a ‘palate’ test at the office. While the Pork pie, Apple-and-Pork sausage and one of the latest additions, Biltong Sirloin, won hands down, our entire office staff also agreed that all the sausages and pies had been well-prepared and were bursting with unique flavours. Most will certainly be introducing the 2 Fat Butchers into their kitchens and at their braais.

The Biltong Sirloin is actually choice meat marinated in a biltong basting which is also unique to Port Elizabeth and the Eastern Cape. The 2 Fat Butchers offer three popular steak-cut options; Sirloin rump, Medallion rump and Brazil’s most popular meat, the Picanha rump.

For those in a rush but wanting to enjoy great meats and cooking, 2 Fat Butchers also recently introduced a variety of prepared gourmet meat dishes. The meals are freshly-cooked by their experienced chef, dubbed the 1 Fat Chef.

PE-born, Andrew became a master butcher while Craig cut his teeth in the frozen foods and fish industry in the UK.

To find out more, call 041 581 0469or visit 26, 6th Avenue in Walmer, Port Elizabeth.