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For the connoisseur: A taste of excitement waits at MUSE

By Hendrik Langenhoven - Dec 3, 2015
For the connoisseur: A taste of excitement waits at MUSE

Despite being in my early 20’s with a few years to go before the dreaded three-oh, I have learned to enjoy and appreciate the finer things in life - good food being top of the list of course.

As per my curiosity and need for a month-end food adventure, my girlfriend and I strolled through a windy Stanley Street, in Richmond Hill, Port Elizabeth, and stumbled upon MUSE Restaurant.

The attraction was the sight of couples and groups enjoying wine and warm beverages inside with a romantic and classic candle-lit dinner atmosphere.

We were welcomed by the restaurant’s friendly staff and seated for the evening. With one quick look, you would think that this is just another restaurant complete with a few modern touches, but take a second look, and you start noticing a few unusual-yet-cool features; the name-board for instance consists of nails literally hammered into a board while the lamp shades are graters.

Presented with our menus, we took a moment to just marvel at the various dishes and refreshments on offer. I am no wine connoisseur, but I was left impressed with their selection. We were offered some wines that would pair well with some of the meals, before placing our order, which consisted of:

Starter:            Twisted Fish Cakes with home-made smoke tomato sauce and tartar

Mains:             Lamb Shank with mash potato, vegetable, caramelised unions and home-made jus.

                        Beef Short Rib, charred corn, dehydrated vegetable chips and chipotle aioli.

Desert:            Rolo Parfait with thick chocolate ganache and la vocca sphere.

 Served in a timeous fashion to chat and relax, we evaluated our meals one at a time and could not wait for the next. The starter was fresh and light and made the taste buds burst with flavour. The fish was cooked to perfection and the chips made for a great snack with the home-made smoke tomato and tartar sauces.

A few minutes later, our mains arrived to the sounds of “wow” and “that looks incredible”. 

The lamb shank and beef short rib truly made our mouths water, not only by how well-presented it was, but by the aromas that came from both our plates. Falling off the bone each time it came into contact with the cutlery, the dish had that typical Sunday lunch feeling of enjoying your mom’s food while chatting to family and friends around the table.

Just as delectable, the spices, sauces and the dehydrated vegetable chips gave a taste fusion that cannot be described in words. None of the ingredients in any of the dishes felt overpowering, instead, complementing each other and pleasing our pallets at the same time.

No added salt, sauce or spice was needed for these wonderful main meals as the traditional South African style dishes where prepared to perfection with a modern twist provided by the MUSE chefs.

To our surprise, the chef’s responsible for the mains greeted every table after their meal for some feedback. It was refreshing to see them out and about to show face and not just hide behind the kitchen doors.

Lastly, we were served our Rolo Parfait. It very inviting; with a strong chocolate and sweet vanilla ice cream balancing each other nicely. The dessert was a smooth ending to what can only be described as an unforgettable evening.

The overall experience was wonderful and a breath of fresh air to experience all that MUSE has to offer.

So, to any and all that wishes to spoil themselves, their significant other or just have a lovely evening with a group of friends and enjoy a food filled fun night, I would highly recommend MUSE Restaurant on 1B Stanley Street, Richmond Hill, in Port Elizabeth.


For bookings or more information, contact them at:

Tel:                  041 582 1937

Email:              [email protected]

Facebook:       https://www.facebook.com/Restaurant.muse/?fref=ts