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Former Cllr Phumzile Oliphant hits back at new Kouga Mayor on Thyspunt

Sep 1, 2016
Former Cllr Phumzile Oliphant hits back at new Kouga Mayor on Thyspunt

Responding to a statement by newly elected Mayor of the Kouga Local Municipality, Elza Van Lingen, that her administration would not be 'bullied into Thyspunt', former Ward Councillor and Portfolio Head of Local Economic Development, Phumzile Oliphant, said the Mayor's sentiment was ill-conceived.

"Thyspunt nuclear station development does not need [the] DA run municipality's approval, the project is a national government competency," he told RNEWS.

"The previous council, under the ANC, resolved to support that mega development.

"That resolution stands. Legally, Elza Van Lingen, doesn't have powers to change that resolution."

In her statement, Van Lingen said that since taking office on 22 August, she has been unable to find any evidence of any meetings that have taken place between Eskom/Necsa and Kouga Municipality. She also said that the Koga Local Municipality's infrastructure is "seriously dilapidated and the impact of a mega project like Thypunt would have on our infrastructure will be catastrophic".

Oliphant said that when the previous administration supported the Thyspunt Development, "we did that on the basis that it will attend and address the socio-economic challenges Kouga and its people is facing currently - equally there will be huge economic spin-offs in this area even the issue of infrastructure will be attended".

"This statement of Elza Van Lingen clearly demonstrates that the DA care less about the poor and shall unabatedly continue to represent the needs of the white capitalists," he added.

"I vehemently oppose the notion that suggest that our future depends on the DA in Kouga. The people of Kouga were comprehensively consulted and directly participated in all public hearings."