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Former DA Cllrs endorse Danny Jordaan for Mayor after 'soul searching'

AUGUST 1, 2016
Former DA Cllrs endorse Danny Jordaan for Mayor after 'soul searching'

Two former Democratic Alliance (DA) councillors from Uitenhage, Keith Koll and Nomakosi Cobo, who resigned from the DA just before the 2016 local government elections, urged voters to elect the ANC and its Mayoral candidate, Danny Jordaan, to lead the Nelson Mandela Bay Metropolitan Municipality.

The two councillors joined the ANC on Saturday at an event attended by Mayor Jordaa and the Provincial Deputy Chairperson of the ANC, Sakhumzi Somyo, who welcomed the new members and thanked them for joining the ANC.

According to a joint statement released by the two - and authored by Koll; "Over the past few months Nomakosi and I have been part of an intensive DA campaign to win the Nelson Mandela Metro. Throughout this time, there have been two lingering questions that just refused to go away.

"The first one is whether, in light of my first hand experience of racism in the DA and it's arrogant, disrespectful leader, Athol Trolip, we can continue to serve that party and encourage members of the community to vote for it.

"The second question is who, between Danny Jordaan and Athol Trolip has the political will and plan for the development of Despatch and Uitenage."

He said that they have come to the answers for both questions; "On the first one, we have decided that we cannot, with a clear conscience encourage people to vote for a party and leader who, within a short space of time after arriving in this Metro, treated it's long serving members with disrespect, racist stereotypes and derision. A leader who still has to answer for
serious allegations made against him by the farmworkers of Bedford.

"On the second question, it is clear that the DA and Trollip have neither the will not the plan to place Uitenhage at the centre of infrastructure and economic development. They have failed dismally on this front. Instead of addressing this issue, Trollip has spent virtually all his time trying to discredit Danny Jordaan."

Koll said that while all of this was happening, Jordaan established the Uitenhage People's Council, which is made up
of local community organisations, he engaged passionately with the people of Moegesukkel, Rosedale, Despatch, Kwa Nobuhle Langa, Tiryville and other areas of Uitenhage.

"In his state of the metro address on 09 June 2016, he detailed his plans for the development of Uitenhage. These actions by Jordaan have convinced me that he is by far the only logical choice for the position of Mayor of Nelson Mandela Metro.

"When Jordaan said 'you can't argue against success and progress" he struck a cord with me. Indeed no one in the DA has been able to contest his record of fighting corruption and attracting investments of R20 billion in just twelve months," he said.

"As we close Nelson Mandela Month, we want to declare for everybody to know that we want to be part of the ANC, the political party that Madiba belonged to. we believe in the 5 Golden Years Plan of the ANC. Most importantly, we want to be part of the ANC's plans for the development t of Uitenhage and Despatch.

"We hereby call on all residents of Uitenhage, Despatch and the Metro at large to give Jordaan and his 5 Golden Years plan a chance. We have seen Trollip flippantly dismiss those, who left the DA as job seekers. This label cannot apply to us because the list process closed long ago. My decision is informed only by the two primary considerations we listed earlier in this statement."