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Former Gang Boss' Quick Tip on House Break-ins

DECEMBER 19, 2014
Former Gang Boss' Quick Tip on House Break-ins

In an exclusive interview with EWN, a former Cape Town gang leader on Friday reportedly revealed how criminal gangs routinely use employees from legitimate businesses, such as security and courier companies, to do reconnaissance on homes ahead of planned break-ins. 

The man, who cannot be named, said that homeowners have to be vigilant as their movements are often observed by people they least expect. The former 28s gang leader said criminal gangs recruit contacts who do not look suspicious to do the recon work for them.

Ensure no tell-tale signs that you are not at home

He said that, to lessen chances of break-ins, homeowners need ensure that there are no tell-tale signs of their absence.

“Going out, picking up papers, you must just be vigilant. Look around for who is watching, things like that. You must also change your routines. You must not do the same thing every day or have the same person do them. That breaks that cycle so they [criminals] don’t have a surety,” said the former gangster.

Prison is for networking
He told EWN that prisons are often not places of rehabilitation but were an important networking opportunity for criminals who would rely on connections made inside when they get released. 

“We have different backgrounds, we grew up in different areas and we practice [gangsterism] inside and outside because you must practice what you preach,” he told EWN, adding that often the connections made in prison help gangsters to perpetuate crime on their release.