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Former Motherwell ANC Councillor again in court for allegedly shooting dead troublesome patron

Jan 11, 2018
Former Motherwell ANC Councillor again in court for allegedly shooting dead troublesome patron

A former African National Congress (ANC) Councillor from Motherwell, Port Elizabeth, is again expected to appear in the Motherwell Magistrate's Court on Thursday where he is expected to make a formal bail application.

He appeared in the same court on Thursday last week facing a charge of murder after allegedly shooting dead a 23-year-old man in an incident that began at his tarven on New Year's Day. He was remanded in custody.

It is alleged that the 23-year-old man, Lindokuhle Marcus, was among several patrons, who visited the former councillor's tavern to celebrate the New Year.

However, according to eye-witnesses that spoke to RNEWS, Marcus, possibly intoxicated, started dancing on top of tables at the tavern, shouting and apparently preventing other patrons from enyoying themselves.

According to police spokesperson, Captain Andre Beetge, the former councillor did nothing on the day Marcus allegedly caused a scene at the tavern, but he instead went to look for him the following day at his home.

When the former councillor could not find him, he apparently roamed the streets of Motherwell looking for him and eventually found him walking with his friend.

“So, when he shot him, he wasn’t alone - there were two guys he went for. After that, the former councillor reported at the police station what he had done," described Captain Beetge.

"He said that he was attacked by these two guys and he shot one of them.

“His firearm was taken by the police and after the body was found, we then arrested him and opened a murder case."

Shocked by the incident, several community members took to the streets in protest at the spot where Marcus allegedly died on Tuesday.

Xolani Luzipho, who also knew Marcus, said he was still in shock about the whole incident.

“I was so shocked when I heard from people, who were there that Marcus had been shot because he was causing a lot of trouble like kicking other person’s drinks and yelling 'beat me if you can', apparently he was very rude to others,” Luzipho described.