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Former President accuses ANC of no longer representing “ordinary people”

Former President accuses ANC of no longer representing “ordinary people”

The African National Congress (ANC) has remained mum on accusations by former President Kgalema Motlanthe, that it has lost its “historical perspective” as well as the ability “to represent ordinary people”.

In an interview with CityPress over the weekend, Motlanthe, who earlier this year accused the ruling party for doing what is pleases and not taking action against leaders who damage its reputation, said the origination has gone from one supposed to “unite all” after the advent of democracy, to one using language “that belongs to the period prior to 1994”.

“The ANC before 1994 was an organisation that truly represented the aspirations of South Africans across the board. Nothing [however] had prepared the ANC for that role, in spite of all the preparations,” Motlanthe said.

“Once the personnel got absorbed in the various roles, some in government, diplomatic posting, Parliament, to deal with the laws and so on, the organisation was denuded of its most capable members who in the past would have devoted all of their time towards the prosecution of this struggle”.

He stated that the majority of ANC leaders “no longer rely on reason” and that “power and the system of governance” had become a more appealing prospect.

“People are waiting for leadership to emerge. From whence, nobody knows. But that’s the general sense. Young people are saying, “Our reality has not changed … so there must be something wrong with this negotiated settlement, or there must be something wrong with this Constitution,” he continued.

“It may be possible at some point to salvage the ANC from this race to the bottom. But it is also equally possible that the ANC may so thoroughly discredit itself that there may be nothing to salvage. What I’m saying is it has to get worse first”.