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Forty-four SPCA employees likely to lose their jobs

By Asavela Fekema - May 11, 2016
Forty-four SPCA employees likely to lose their jobs

Two of the Eastern Cape’s SPCAs branches in King Williams Town and East London are reportedly in the process of shutting its doors due to a lack of finance.

An estimated 44 employees at both institutions are likely to lose their jobs if they do not get help. In a statement by the National Council of SPCA, it warned that clinic services will be cut at both facilities.

“The two SPCAs cannot afford to continue caring for strays because we are not getting enough compensation from the municipality” said the NSPCA.

The facilities are both cash-strapped and needed an urgent assistance to be able to continue to care for the animals. In a statement, East London SPCA chairman, Annette Rademeyer, said that an urgent heartfelt appeal was being made by the clinics that faced a possibility of closure if help does not come their way.

“The monthly cost for the one in East London is about R240 000 and for the one in King Williams Town is around R180 000 per month” Redemeyer said.

She mentioned that the one in King Williams Town spent R40 000 each month on medication and veterinary supplies. Both these have been part of the Buffalo City Municipality for over 50 years.