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Forum for People with Disabilities launched within Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

Jul 12, 2017
Forum for People with Disabilities launched within Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality

Municipal employees with disabilities are optimistic that the newly established Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality People with Disabilities Forum (NMBM-PWD-F) is the first step towards ending discrimination against the disabled and to afford them a fair chance to compete for the same career growth opportunities as their able-bodied colleagues.

Mr Sandile Adam, Chairperson of the NMBM-PWD-F, welcomed the new development and said employees with disabilities feel spiritually and morally rejuvenated with the impending hope that discrimination and exclusion from strategic opportunities is now a difficulty of the past.

The newly established body, an internal forum for municipal employees, envisage bringing change, speeding up transformation and fighting for the empowerment of all employees with disabilities within the municipality.

Speaking at the Port Elizabeth City Hall launch this morning, Cllr Dean Biddulph, Member of the Mayoral Committee for Corporate Services, reassured employees with disabilities that their struggles are over. 

“We have failed our disabled workforce for too long. This HAS to change and it is our duty and responsibility to bring about that change. Now is the time for change and we are all called to action to bring about that change.

“The administration must always seek to create an environment in which all employees, especially People with Disabilities, are recognised, supported and encouraged. That your work lives are improved and that the disabled are provided with opportunities," he said.

“Today, we are officially launching the NMBM PWD Forum for our staff which seeks to directly address the many challenges raised by the PWD community within our metro family.

“I want to give my personal commitment to each and everyone of you that we are going to change this perception. We will do so to make sure that all People With Disabilities within our administration are treated equally and fairly. It is also crucial that they feel that their contributions are valued as well as their presence in our workforce."

Mr Sandile Adam commended the municipality for its efforts to ensure that all its employees with disabilities are not discriminated against nor excluded but recognised and given access to the same opportunities.

Adam is assisted by Tabisa Flatela (Deputy Chairperson), Tobela Dekeda (Secretary) and Coordinators Terri Cox and Ludwe Soga.