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Four bust with mandrax, abalone and crayfish tails

Oct 13, 2014
Four bust with mandrax, abalone and crayfish tails

Western Cape police arrested four suspects aged between 32 and 56 years old for possession of 82 000 mandrax tablets, 14 abalone and 123 crayfish tails in Steenberg on Sunday morning at about 11:00, police said this morning.

The total value of the confiscated drugs is estimated at R2.5 million. This follows a recent search and seizure operation conducted by the police in Retreat Street, Retreat.

The four men will be charged for dealing in Mandrax tablets, Possession of Abalone, and Crayfish and are expected to appear in court once they have been charged.

Western Cape police management has commended the work of the police and vowed to continue breaking the network of the drug lords and their branches in the province. They have also appealed to the members of the public to inform the police about any suspicious dealings and businesses taking place within their localities and suburbs.

The public can do so by contacting the nearest police station or calling crime stop number 086 00 10 111. Their anonymity is guaranteed.