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Free internet access for Cell C subscribers from Wednesday

JUNE 29, 2015
Free internet access for Cell C subscribers from Wednesday

On Wednesday, mobile operator Cell C is expected to start providing free internet access to its subscribers, when they access online services such as, Facebook, news, health and educational information. This is following a project between Cell C, Facebook and Internet-dot-org.

Internet-dot-org is an initiative by Facebook founder, Mark Zuckerberg, to provide affordable internet access to millions of people in developing countries.  Founded in 2013, Internet-dot-org is a partnership between Facebook and six companies to help connect the world.

Cell C CEO,  Jose Dos Santos,  says; “Consumers that are with Cell C will have free access to Facebook. More importantly we launching Internet.org and we really trying to get the unconnected connected."

Internet-dot-org has already been launched in countries such as India and Pakistan, however, it has been largely criticised for favouring Facebook's own services.

Still, Facebook Global Operator Partnerships Director, Markku Makelainen has announced that, “Cell C is the fastest player in the country. We are talking to all the players in the market as well. So this is a nonexclusive partnership. We really want to grow the internet to bigger markets. But Cell C is the first to launch."

He says they are in talks with other mobile networks in the country to try to also get them involved.

In 2014, Cell C was the first mobile operator in the country to provide WhatsApp for free.

However, it has been critised for poor 3G network coverage outside of the metros.

Internet-dot-org is currently live in 15 countries across the world.