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Free State man finally sentenced for assaulting girlfriend to death in 2005

Apr 19, 2017
Free State man finally sentenced for assaulting girlfriend to death in 2005

Justice was finally delivered - 12 years later, when a 45-year-old Free State man was finally sentenced after the Thaba Nchu High Court convicted him of killing his girlfriend back in 2005.

"On the 03 April 2005, at about 05:00, then 34-year-old Erick Ngakatau, from Selosesha, near Thaba Nchu, went to see his girlfriend at her place and found her with her brother, her brother’s wife and a man called Babys drinking beer," described police spokesperson, Sergeant M Xuma.

"Ngakatau then asked to speak with his girlfriend, Pulane Betty Marige, aged 32, in private and asked her to accompany him to his parents’ house.

"On their way, Ngakatau asked his girlfriend if she was in love with Babys as he always finds them sitting together."

Sgt Xuma said that the girlfriend denied that she was in love with Babys, but Ngakatau proceeded to assault her.

"He then forced her to walk towards the open veld next to Moroka High School as the girlfriend was making a lot of noise," he described.

"Ngakatau questioned her again and when Marige denied ever being in love with Babys, he then assaulted her again as they reached the open veld.

"After being assaulted, the victim fell down on the ground."

Ngakatau is alleged to have tried to help her stand up, but she fell again.

"He then tried talking to the victim but the victim was not responding," said Sgt Xuma.

"The suspect then showed the police and EMS where the girlfriend’s body was. The victim was declared dead on the scene by EMS. The suspect was the detained at Selosesha Police Station."

He was later found guilty of murder and sentenced on the 13 April 2017 by Thaba Nchu High Court to an effective 8 years’ direct imprisonment.

Lieutenant General Jacob Tsumane, Free State Police Provincial Commissioner, applauded the investigating officer for solving a murder case and ensuring that the accused was sentenced to eight years’ direct imprisonment.