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Free WhatsApp for Cell C customers

Free WhatsApp for Cell C customers

In case you missed it! Good news for Cell C customers, the network provider announced in September that it would start zero-rating data consumed by WhatsApp from 19 October 2014 for some of its customers.

The network said this will kick in automatically and will be available to subscribers on contract and to pre-paid users on Cell C’s MegaBonus package.

In the announcement, Cell C said that WhatsApp users on its network will be able to send pictures, voice messages, videos, and text messages via the app without incurring any data charges.

Doug Mattheus, Executive Head of Marketing at Cell C, agreed that choosing to zero-rate data WhatsApp traffic is something that can undermine their sources of revenue but said that Cell C has chosen to embrace the disruption brought on by so-called “over the top” players like WhatsApp.

“What you don’t want to be is Walkman when someone invented the iPod and iPad,” Mattheus said.