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Fresh Global Business Radio Show to Provide Blueprint for Success

Fresh Global Business Radio Show to Provide Blueprint for Success

“Experts lie to you” says a fresh business radio show which intends to provide its listeners with the blueprint for success- through the wise intellect of national and international strategists.

Business and Life Booster”which premiered on Wednesday, 22 April 2015 on Kingfisher FM (103.7 – 107.5), 18h00 – 19h00. The show is anchored by Kingfisher FM’s Roland Gaspar who will be joined on rotation by a panel consisting of Brian Bouwer- CEO of Bouwer Corporate Holdings, Kingfisher FM presenter- Jason Gabriel, Geo Bouwer- co-founder of Geo YAYGA Global Personal Development company- and will feature local as well as international businesspersons each week.

The first show featured local business stalwart Mkhuseli “Khusta” Jack live in studio. The show aims to provide a strategic blueprint on how to discover your true potential and unlock your greatest asset – your inner goldmine of unlimited potential. Ezra will also be a regular contributor to the show, even when out of the country- via Skype and telephone interviews.

The radio talk show “Business and Life Boost” will concentrate on taking your business to the next level- while sharing invaluable methodologies, techniques and tools to increase your revenue turnover as well as to create efficient business systems.  These systems need to work and play out in alignment with your business goals- all whilst discovering your true potential and delivering guaranteed results.  

Our next local guest speaker needs no introduction: Bongi Siswisa

Bongiwe "Bongi" Siwisa who is a business consultant specializing in the field of public participation facilitation for environmental impact assessment studies, social and skills development. She is a B.Comm graduate form the National University of Lesotho and also has a Diploma in Project Management.

Bongi has been involved as a founding member of women's broad based empowerment groups, Lituba Lethu Investments Ltd and Qhamani Women's Investment Trust which has invested in a few blue chip companies in South Africa. Her passion for the community has led her to serve on the committees of various community development structures which include among others St. Francis Hospice, Emmanuel Haven and Vezokuhle Youth Development Project.

Furthermore, Bongi has been instrumental in sourcing funds for disabled youth and children's organisations. She has also facilitated job opportunities for the physically disabled and has placed at lease 8 disabled people in permanent work positions.

Bongi is also a Director of various companies in the gaming/betting, fishing, energy resources and transport sectors.

Tune in to Kingfisher FM (103.8 & 107.5) between 6pm - 7pm on Wednesday evening and have yourself a listen to this remarkable woman.

Bongi will be joined in studio by global business mogul Meir Ezra;

Meir Ezra

Born in Kiryat Shmona, Israel, Meira Ezra is an entrepreneur with years of experience across a wide range of fields as well as an inventor with many patents registered to his name. Ezra established the most successful global distribution company of gasoline management systems- a company which within three years grew so exponentially it enabled  him to make his first $100 000 000 by the age of 31.

Today Ezra is the owner of multiple businesses across the globe and employs more than 700 people world-wide. Ezra consults with clients in the US, Canada, Israel, Italy, Colombia, Russia, India, China, Romania, the Dominican Republic, South Africa, Germany, the Czech Republic and Turkey- to name but a few.

Additionally, Ezra is a true philanthropist, giving of his time and personal efforts having contributed and donated several millions of dollars to various charitable organisations. Ezra also enjoys karate, motorcycling and kite surfing. Meir Ezra is a family man – deeply in love with his wife of 28 years and  their three beautiful children.

 Meir Ezra will be touring South African shortly- visiting the following cities;

JHB     18 May 2015 – Radisson Blu Hotel

CT       22 May 2015 – Radisson Blu Hotel

PE       17 June 2015 (NMB Investor Seminar 2015)

Meir will be delivering a full day seminar- never been seen before in South Africa entitled “Guaranteed Prosperity”  which has been changing lives and turning businesses around globally.

Join Meir Ezra in Bringing A New Golden Age of Prosperity to Business by Arming Business Owners and their Employees with the Knowledge They Need to Succeed - Simple Yet Powerful.

All seminar details can be found atwww.Guaranteed-Prosperity.com

Photo Caption: Meir Ezra.  IMAGE supplied by meirezra.com