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Friday 7 April 2017: Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality will be open for business

APRIL 6, 2017
Friday 7 April 2017: Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality will be open for business

While encouraging those that will participate in Friday's planned National Shutdown marches to do so peacefully, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality on Thursday said that it will be a normal working day at their offices.

"The civil mood at the moment is tense as the country faces an economic crisis of unprecedented proportions.

"As a result of some ill-advised decisions by national government, there have been a number of justifiable calls to action by some civic organisations and institutions," said Kristoff Adelbert, Chief of Staff in the Office of the Executive Mayor of the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality.

"Tomorrow, Friday 7 April 2017, will see thousands of South Africans take to the streets in protest.

"I support the democratic right to peaceful protest and encourage those, who do so to ensure that this is done within the rule of law.

"I want to assure the people of Nelson Mandela Bay that the work of the Municipality will continue – we are open for business."

Adelbert said that Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality will continue to provide services through all our structures.

"While we, as citizens, have a duty to hold our national government to account, it is crucial that all other spheres of government remain fully functional.

"Local government is the engine room of basic service delivery, and I am responsible for ensuring that this engine continues running," he added.

"Any municipal staff member who wishes to protest should do so during their lunch hour, or should take leave, in whatever form, through the appropriate channels, if they wish to protest beyond their lunch hour.

"South Africans, never be afraid to make your voice heard. Go forth and be seen."