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FROGGEN FUN: Perfect for kids and now perfect for grown-ups too

FROGGEN FUN: Perfect for kids and now perfect for grown-ups too

Taking your little and precious ones along for the daily mall shop can easily become tricky and somewhat tiresome, as, let’s face it, young children would prefer to run around and play rather than sit idly in a trolley.

This is why Funky Frogs, situated in the Moffatt-on-Main Lifestyle Centre in Port Elizabeth, has, for the last two years, provided an environment where children can play safely whilst parents go about their shopping or just enjoy a cup of coffee whilst watching their kids play.

Now though, Funky Frogs’ owners, Ryan and Tania Plakonouris, have gone a step further and have created a relaxing setting for adults too - Borca Lorca Deli Cafe, or ‘crazy mouth’ in Portuguese, which is situated adjacent to Funky Frogs.

“We wanted Borca Lorca to have a similar effect as Funky Frogs but to be a little more grown-up so that you can relax without feeling too child-like,” described Ryan, adding that the coffee shop’s close proximate to Funky Frogs, meant parents will be able to relax and keep an eye on their children without actually being in the sand-pit.

While Funky Frogs is sizeable with bright colours and lots of toys, Borca Lorca boasts a large open-plan eating area also with brightly-coloured but elegant décor and, in keeping line with the name, lots of charcoal drawn smiling mouths on the walls.

Your child’s security is also paramount at Funky Frogs.

“The children are issued with tags and parents have to present the corresponding slip on collecting their child in order to have the security tag removed and allowing the child to exit the play area.” explained Ryan.

He said while many other supervised play facilities rely on television games to keep kids entertained, Funky Frogs had replaced electronics with traditional old-style entertainment such as jumping castles, bikes, ball pits, jungle gyms and even a climbing wall allowing kids to have fun and involve their entire bodies in activities.

I found that Borca Lorca not only offers excellent service and delicious food at reasonable prices, but also served the best coffee I have had in a long time.

Since both Borca Lorca and Funky Frogs are indoors, even in the worst PE weather, you and your kids will still be able to relax and have fun.

Visiting Moffatt-on-Main Lifestyle Centre in Port Elizabeth soon? Why not let down your hair a bit with Funky Frogs and enjoy a relaxing coffee break at Borca Lorca. For more information, call Tania on 072 222 3268