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From Intimidation to intimacy marketing

Mar 1, 2017
From Intimidation to intimacy marketing

The old-style marketing through intimidation just doesn’t cut it in today’s age. It is no longer about imposing your company’s ideas onto customers to make them buy into what you are selling nor is it about communicating why your product is so great. It is all about humanising the marketing process and moving towards an intimacy-based approach.

Intimacy marketing means stepping outside the usual sales expression to create meaningful connections; speaking in your customers’ own language and doing so from the heart. This requires an authenticity that is so often lacking in marketing these days.  This form of marketing allows your target market to fully understand exactly what they stand to gain from the relationship and the absence of confusing sales jargon creates an environment where trust can be established. 

One of our clients runs a $100 Million business specialising in live events. Their show up rates had dropped by 30% and when we examined their overall marketing initiatives we found that their messaging was far too generic. As we started humanising their messaging we quickly saw a 20% increase in show up rates.

Most companies create messages that fail to recognise their customers as people, who like most of us use real words not marketing speak. When you don’t humanise your communication you give your potential customer a reason to tune out. It’s about having a conversation and not getting too stuck on whether the words sound good to you or not.  With intimacy marketing your communication shifts to conversations about what your target audience stands to gain.

Some tips to move to intimacy marketing:

Put yourself in your customer’s shoes.Businesses need to look at the real problems that customers relate to regardless of what their solution solves. They should write down top ten problems your client faces. Write it in their language not sales jargon. Remember to take into account the different decision makers; the language of an accountant is different to an engineer.

Craft the solution.Write down the solution to each scenario in a way that solves the problem and gives an outcome at the same time. Ask yourself what your customer gets by implementing your solution? Does it solve their problem? What are the top 3 outcomes they will achieve by implementing your solution?

Start communicating. Then you will start your communications depending on your tactics. With digital marketing it depends on how your audience is coming into your communication.  If they have opted in, your conversations are nurturing in nature until such time as you can have a sales conversation. This means having authentic conversations and bringing information of value which matches your audience problems. Again it is all about humanising the process.

Make your marketing automation human.

You have to keep in mind that people don’t know it’s automated. Therefore you need to make people feel like you are present and are interested in what they have to say and want to help them with their challenges. So if your message referred to me as Mrs Clark instead of Mr Clark you would definitely lose me. Irrespective of the method you use, whether automation or manually typing and sending out every mailer, as long as communications is relevant people will connect with what you have to say.

Make it interesting and make it about them always. If you show people how to solve their problems they will start following you. So get to know them, find out what they like and create environment that allows them to trust and continue to follow you. However if you stop being interesting they will stop being interested. Be mindful of the fact that this is a process therefore you can go through stages where you lose touch, which simply means that you need to go back to the drawing board and have another look at your approach.

You are dealing with people therefore it is not an exact science, sometimes they get busy or stop listening and sometimes they change their interests. There is no one size fits all approach you need to keep in touch and constantly revisit the whole process. Just because it’s automated, it doesn’t mean that you can leave it alone. Put effort into it, people change and for that reason you need to be able to keep up with the times.

You want to plan it out from the beginning, so you know which direction to go if they take action as well as If they don’t.  This will give you enough time to think about other valuable things that you can offer if they decide not to take any action right away. Furthermore this process will also allow you to focus more on those that are taking action. This intern saves you time because instead of focusing on getting more interaction, the focus is on converting the 20% who are already interacting therefore making the most out of your sales and marketing campaign.