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Frontline Market Research and emediaIT join up to help the Animal Welfare Society in PE

Jun 30, 2015
Frontline Market Research and emediaIT join up to help the Animal Welfare Society in PE

Port Elizabeth-based global market research firm, Frontline Market Research, and leading IT consultants, emediaIT, exchanged their usual business tools for garden gear and paint brushes when they joined hands to help out at the Animal Welfare Society of Port Elizabeth in June.

“Earlier in the year, we teamed up with emediaIT to get involved in a few projects to assist the community. Animal Welfare was identified as a key foundation that both companies were interested in supporting. Teniel Westenberg [from emediaIT] works with Animal Welfare fairly regularly and had contacted them to see what we could help with,” explained Shane Mclean, Account Manager at Frontline Market Research.

“For Frontline, one of our core principals is ‘Balance’; as we received, we would also like to give back. It is thus, our company vision to give back to the community; to see it grow as we do.”

Also speaking to RNews, Teniel said; “emediaIT has had a close relationship with the Animal Welfare for a while now and often work closely with them on various projects and as Shane mentioned above we decided to take on this project at AWS after contacting them to see what is most needed at the moment.”

The two companies cleared an area about +-5m x 28m behind the Animal Welfare building that houses cats and other animals.

“This was done to help AWS with access to this area as well as an attempt to stop snakes from coming into the building. We then build a pathway with pavers along the entire side of the building (+-27m) so that the vegetation would not simply grow back. Our teams also painted the wall on that side of the building as well as another building,” described Shane.

He said some of the Frontline staff also donated animal food out of their own pockets while some teams spent some time interacting with the animals.

“We [also] contribute financially towards the AWS on a monthly basis plus assist with food donations when necessary. We also handle all of their Network & IT Support at no charge and developed and host their website,” added Teniel.

According to Shane, this is not the first time that Frontline has been involved with local community organisations as they support a few organisations financially.

“That is specifically cash donations towards the children’s fund and AWS Save A Pet. We have yet to be this involved in a project this hands on and look forward to doing it again,” he said.

“I think I speak for both Frontline and Emediait when I say this is definitely not the last community project we will do together. There is loads more work to be done at AWS that we will continue to contribute too. As well as other children care homes that need assistance.”

Teniel is on the AWS Fundraising Committee while Pat Ramadass, also from emediaIT, is on its EXCO.


Photo Caption: The team who helped out at the  Animal Welfare Society in Port Elizabeth.