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Future housing developments for Overstrand Municipality's Ward 8

Jul 11, 2018
Future housing developments for Overstrand Municipality's Ward 8

Future housing developments in the Overstrand Municipality's Ward 8 were discussed with representatives from the Hawston Renewal and Overstrand Unite groups at a meeting held on Friday.

"The current project in Hawston will provide 480 housing opportunities on 12 hectares of land. The focus of the meeting was on looking at future projects," said Spokesperson, Riana Steenekamp.

She said that the Municipality confirmed their intent to continue with integrated housing developments in Ward 8, and specifically on the following portions of land:

  1. A portion of Farm 572/8: This property is known as the Hawston Seafarms Foundation (HSF) land and is currently the subject of a court case between the HSF and the Provincial Government. It is expected that once the case is resolved, approximately 25 ha of land will become available to the Municipality for development. This land has always been seen as the preferred extension of Hawston.
  2. A portion of farm 575/6: This property is 85 ha in extent and in private ownership. A 20 ha portion has been rezoned for industrial use. Of the remaining 65 ha, it is estimated that only 35 ha can be developed to due to environmental concerns. The Municipality has applied to the Department of Human Settlements for funding to purchase the remaining 65 ha of this property.
  3. Erf 749 Fisherhaven: This property is 115 ha in extent and registered in the name of the Overberg District Municipality (ODM). In terms of legislation, this property vests in the Overstrand Municipality. The process to transfer the property to Overstrand Municipality is part of a larger project to transfer various portions of land from ODM to Overstrand Municipality. This land is considered to be the future extension of Fisherhaven. It will not be possible to develop the full 115ha due to environmental concerns.

"Integrated housing development does not only refer to development of government subsidised housing, but includes social and other housing opportunities together with community and social facilities such as schools, crèches, police stations, clinics, etc."