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GADGET REVIEW: Bluetooth Smart Watch Support SIM Slot TF Card Phone with Camera For Android IOS

By Jesica Slabbert - Nov 16, 2016
GADGET REVIEW: Bluetooth Smart Watch Support SIM Slot TF Card Phone with Camera For Android IOS

This week, RNEWS had the opportunity to test out the Bluetooth Smart Watch; a device that will leave you feeling like a secret agent on the streets of South Africa.

Much like a conventional watch, the Smart Watch is also worn on your wrist, only it does much more – additionally, this device doubles as a cell phone. There is nothing slicker in this world as making a phone call from a watch and for a moment you will find yourself feeling like a CIA Agent.

This stylish GSM smart watch has lots to offer. Firstly, it comes with an advanced Apple-inspired design – at only a fraction of the price of some of the branded models on the market. The watch features a convenient adjustable strap to ensure it wraps nicely around your wrist; even through active workouts.

There is also a multitude of smart features to discover. With the watch, you will be able to make and pick up calls directly from your wrist in most parts of the globe. The watch will also get you on the right track when it comes to fitness. You will be able to count your steps, calories and get notifications if you spend too much time behind the desk. Even for non-inspired gym goers, this app will spark your interest enough to take a jog for testing. 

Even when you go to bed, the Sleep Monitor will ensure you get the most out of your rest.

You can even pair the smart watch up with your phone and discover even more functionality, such as using it as a camera trigger for your android phone, checking social media updates and more.

The Smart Watch is just as smart as the name suggests; with almost every feature a modern smartphone has. The social media apps are so convenient, you will completely forget about your own generic phone because of the Smart Watch’s easy access to social media updates. 

This Smart Watch is available at Geek Quest for only R899, a bargain when compared to similar products.