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Gadget Review: Mi Fitness Band

By Jesica Slabbert - Sep 14, 2016
Gadget Review: Mi Fitness Band

This week RNEWS was given the opportunity to test out the Mi Fitness Band to see its overall quality how the device functions.

The Mi Fitness Band is an accelerometer exercise companion that helps monitor your fitness levels by counting the steps you take, the calories burned, as well as your sleeping patterns.

The device is worn on the wrist, much like a watch, and the size can be adjusted between 157mm and 205mm, with the chip piece weighing only 5g. It also comes in different colours to suit your preference.

The band works in tandem with the Mi Fit app that can be downloaded on Android 4.4 or higher and on iPhone 4s or higher.

This device has many great features, not only is it light in weight, it is also dust and water resistant against immersion between 15cm and 1m. The accelerometer that counts your steps is relatively accurate, and while your steps are counted, it also keeps track of the amount of calories you’ve burnt, as well as the total amount of distance you have walked in the process.

The device allows you to set goals for yourself with the amount of steps you walk in a day with your weight goal. As more performance motivation, you can also share your progress on social media as a way to compete with your friends who also have Mi Fit Bands.

It also monitors the users sleeping patterns, provided that they wear it while they are sleeping. It can tell when the user goes to sleep, when they wake up, and for how long the user has been in light sleep or deep sleep.

A great and very useful feature of the Mi Fit Band is the vibration notifications. You can set this device to vibrate when your alarm goes off to gently wake you up in the morning; this is especially useful for people who tend to ignore their morning alarms. You can also set the vibration to go off for phone calls, messages and notifications, for those times when your phone is in another room and you don’t hear it.


  • Ultra-thin 8mm battery that lasts up to 30 days without charging which is 4x longer than similar products;
  • Bluetooth 4.0 chip that is low with energy consumption;
  • Military-grade exercise sensor with power consumption less than 1/5th compared to similar accelerometers and;
  • Smart unlock feature compatible with Android 5.0 and above or MIUI smartphones.

This is a must-have for any gym-goer with a focus on fitness, and for those heavy sleepers it can help wake you up in the morning, while it also lets you know when your phone is ringing when it’s not in the same room as you; which is a very convenient feature.

You can purchase this device online at Geek Quest for R499.00, which includes the Mi Fit Band, charger, User guide and warranty card.