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Gadget Review: Ritech Riem3 Mobile VR Headset

By Jesica Slabbert - Sep 23, 2016
Gadget Review: Ritech Riem3 Mobile VR Headset

This week RNEWS had the opportunity to test out quite the awesome gadget; the Riem3 Mobile Virtual Reality Headset.

This item allows the user to watch 3D movies and play virtual reality games, even 360 degree videos form your smartphone at any time, and get a full 3D experience while doing it with the headset.

The virtual image of the phone has been designed to the best distance of distinct vision, helping to eliminate the sense of vertigo that some similar headsets come with. The optical axes allows users to adjust it to fit your mobile device perfectly, even a Samsung Note 4 or an iPhone 6 plus.

The Augmented Reality system has been specially designed that when you remove the camera cover your phone will be able to play AR app games, and the size fits most devices.

When I first received this item I had no idea what to expect, but was pleasantly surprised by how much I ended up enjoying this product. The headset itself is rather light, weighing around 290g, and the straps are comfortable and adjustable so that it’s always a perfect fit. There is little to no pressure applied to the user’s cheek when wearing the device to ensure comfort.

The pupil distance can be adjusted from 53mm to 72mm so users who wear glasses can use the device with or without them. And can take mobile device screen sizes from 3.5 inches to 6 inches, with its whole maximum length and width as 160mm and 90mm.

VR games can be downloaded from the Play Store and come in many different varieties. From rollercoaster rides to surviving a zombie apocalypse, you can choose whichever reality is more enjoyable for you. Even better is once you have downloaded a VR game you don’t need Wi-Fi or data in order to play.

The games immediately throw you into the virtual world. For starters I downloaded the rollercoaster game and was blown away with the imagery, it felt like I was really on a rollercoaster, and moving my head around while sitting on the ride allowed me to see more of the virtual world of the games design. I found myself moving my real body as the ride made its many twists and turns.

All in all this headset was fun and entertaining, and made me want to find more VR games to get the full VR experience. The VR Headset can also come with a remote control for games that require you to play with one.

If you wish to purchase the headset it will cost R550, and if you want the remote control as well it will cost R599 at Geek Quest. The device is not available for purchase yet, but should be available soon.